Thursday, July 8, 2004

To my great surprise,

Petit-P phoned in the early morning after go to his Father's place to edit the video he did with his friend yesterday. Apparently his Father's Apple G3s(?) were not good enough to do the editting so he phoned me to see if he could do the editting on my machine. Sure no problem. What another great day. Again just goofing around with Petit-P. He's started his own Blog by the way. Cool.

After picking him up from Father's work ~@11:03am in the morning we went to Provigo to get a 'Bud' and some soup. Recall he recently got braces and after the minor accident was told to have soup for 2 weeks. I bought some Clam Chowder and we went to his Father's place first to get his cell phone. We continued onto my place where we spent most of the day editting the video. At 'high-res' it takes beaucoup du space. Unfortunately he wasn't satisfied with the music and never finished editting the movie. But as I've mentioned before he's very good with Movie Maker v2.1. We ate some soup and watched part of the DVD, "Bowling for Colimbine". On his out of the door I told him about the 'video' I wanted to do a, 'GTA: Vice-city' take-off. The first version went great, but of course one wants multiple takes. The second one was terrible, not only did we screw up the 'exchange' at the car, but we were out of frame. After the first take I couldn't help but think hay this 'kid' just drove off with my car and all I have is his camera. We were about to do a third take but for some reason he wanted to get going. Dropped him off at Father's place ~@5:00pm, returned home.

ECY had phoned during the afternoon so we managed to make some plans about getting him from work after 12:00 midnight. He ended up phoning me ~@11:30pm and said he would be finished ~20 min. I arrived at his place [he had taken his Scooter] ~@12:07am. He arrived moments later. We watched three consequentive 'cartoons'. Probably fell asleep after 2:00am and we had to get to Summer school for ~@8:15am.

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