Tuesday, July 13, 2004


   Went downtown to meet Annie!. Always a pleasure. She paid for lunch and we eat the Eaton`s Centre in a open `Hawon(sp)`ish place. Huge Coke`s. We both had Club sandwiches. After I went to the CompuCentre looking for Petit-P`s Spider-Man 1 game. They said it`s in a box :-(Well at least they said they have it). After went to all the usall downtown places including: the World`s Biggest, HMV`s. over to College street for my favourite computer store, which unfortunately had closed and ànother`bookstore openned inthe same place. I looked around the area, there`s lots of undiscovered Chinese computer places, saw that I paid the `standard`price for my DVD and walked along Young and Bloor back to the subway. Got home around 5:30pm. To my surprise Jo go a 'Dragon' tattoo. He's becoming more and more cool. After I got home J and I we went to Sherway to look for shorts he wanted. Carmen came home soon after and we had a nice super. Jo went to work. Talked to Carmen for a while and watch some late night TV. I`m not missing much, but I can tell it`s oddly addictive. Weird.


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