Monday, July 5, 2004


Today was Petit-P's Dentist day. What makes it special? Well he's getting braces! I can't help but be reminded of when I had braces. Boy was I ever afraid. The situation is a little bit different, I was told that I might need the 'cage' thing on the outside and have to wear that to school. In knew the other kids would kill me if that happened [this was in High-school so everything was out of proportion]. Turns out it was something that I only wore at night and was, 'easily' removed. Thank God. Braces are a great thing they certainly fix up your teeth. I know I had a big space between my two front teeth and everything was much better after. It took two visits to put them on. One to glue on the braces and another to attach the 'rope/track' that goes between them. You don't want to do both on the same day 'cause the glue has to seattle first then you can start attaching them. Well mon frere's dentist did it all in one 1-2 hour visit. Cool, maybe the technology has changed since I got mine. We took some film and photos at the dentist [Remember Petit-P is incredible with Window's Movie Maker - or at least I think so] so maybe he can splice together something interesting. Certainly there's some reasonable 'raw' footage. He seemed to hold up very well. It's not a painfull process but any visit to the Dentist is not fun. Of course me coming in and out with a camera probably helps.

We left ~@3:05pm and he for some reason wanted to come back to my place. So, no problem. I warmed up a quick pizza and sat down for a little meal.

Now I know eating things like a pomme would not be good for the braces but pizza! There's nothing 'softer' is there? Well one or two bites in and Oooops there goes one of the 'suckers'. One of the braces at the bottom right front popped off. It didn't fall out or anything 'cause it was still attached to the 'rope/track' thing. "Phone toi Mother", I said. And he did. Moments later an appointment was made for tomorrow morning @10:00am. Not an emergency but not sure if they, the dentist, understood what happened.

We continued to goof around. He played, "NFS: UnderGround 1" and "Far Cry" on the computer [I don't think any of Petit-P, ECY or MiniPomme enjoys the game as much as I do]. And watched some of the DVD, "Kill Bill Vol. I". And left ~@6:20pm to go back to Mother's place. We picked up his computer at his Mother's place went back to his Father's placed, dumped him off. I always get a sense that he thinks other people are not good enough to be at his Father's place. Don't know why. Just a feeling. His Mother is no doubt more strict then his Father and his Father is probably more 'well-off' so maybe this explains it. Always seemed to be awkward with his Father and I, but then I've only talked to his Father a few times over the last 2 years so no big deal.

I returned to the video place. Picked up the DVDs, "Reality Bites", "K-Pax", and "Confidence". @~8:00pm I watched the DVD, "Reality Bites". It was OK. Ben Stiller's Directorale debu(sp). Watched some of the 'bonus' material - always more interesting to me then the movie. And went to bed ~@12:00pm.

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