Sunday, July 11, 2004

The day before vacation,

   Decided to go to Church and surprise Petit-P and mother. It was the last day I`d see them before my vacation and I wanted to see Petit-P`s new iPod (15 GB)! Spent the day there, as always never thinking I`d spend more then 5 min. She`s great we had after Church food. They had to go see someone in the hospital for an hour so I went back to my place and started writing the DVD they wanted of their friend`s wedding. It took 1 hour+ for a less then 5 min. video and the quality was not DVD quality. They arrived probably an hour later and Petit-P stayed at my house a couple of hours. We didd the usually goofing around. Oddly he wanted to shave, so he did. I don`t a `full`shave for maybe 3 hairs. OK what the hell. Then after suddenly he shaved my face. There`s a painfull experience. I was a bit nervous, potentially blood everywhere, but he managed to `scrape`everything off. She said come home before 6:00pm for diner, so at 5:50pm and started poking Petit-P to get off Need for Speed and getting going. We needed to get gas so unfortunately we were late 6:25pm.  She made a nice diner after feeding us bread and water `cause we were late. Spent the nigh goofing around. I talked to her more then Petit-P but after 9:00pm she said go play with him. Of course he was to into his new iPod to be entertaining.  But we still had fun. Around 10:00pm I left. Got home and started a little cleaning for tomorrow`s vacation. Went to bed around mid-night. The plan - leave for 10:00am!

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