Thursday, June 24, 2004

Watched the DVD, "Find Nemo". Having fallen asleep several times before watching this [no fault of the content] it was nice to get thru it. Great movie.

Today was the first day I got the mountain bike out for the season. Took a rid along the city's bike path. Ended up going the north direction off the main bridge. I'll try the south direction some other day. Went for quite a while and then did a, "uie". Still more to do there. On the return trip the hill to my house takes that last little bit of energy out of you. Felt a little sick, reminding me of biking in T.O.

Finished a macro version of the 'deploy' add-in. Thinking about it later that night it's not exactly what's needed. Still need to support entire project and folder deployment and ftp support. But it's a cool v0.1.

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