Wednesday, June 16, 2004

More web-site design.

Spent the entire day again working on the web-site. Well at least it's up and it's staying up. Ironically just before posting it someone referred to the, 'old' pictures :-)

Went to visit Petit-P ~@7:00pm. Nice to take a break. He wants me to help him with his web-site. Sure no prob.

I also brought over a, 'temporary' replacement watch he could use while he is on vacation. My old Prof Services watch. As soon as he flipped it around he said he couldn't read it. Oh my. I would never have believed someone who I respect so much because he and his family understand the importance of education would not know how to read 'analog' time. It's come up once before in my life, but it's always a surprise. My immediate concern was if he can't read analog time then can he do basic math, because clearly people are being taught 'digital' time and math with calculators. A quick little test says everything is OK, but I think I still like to confirm some [other] math questions.

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