Saturday, June 12, 2004

Blog Day

Typical Saturday morning for me. I get caught up with my blog reading. Also played some more FarCry.

In the afternoon at ~4:15pm I needed to be at the Univerisity for Petit-P's violin concert. Before I left I needed to return the DVDs rented the previous day. Left ~@3:45pm for the video store.

Arrived on time at the University, but surprise they wanted $12 for the concert :-(. So I looked around and ended up going upstairs and found an open door and saving a seat for Petit-P's Mom.

After reading an article on doing home video I was more then anxious to be some tips to the test. I'm never really sure what and how much Petit-P's mom want me to film. Since I don't know who long these concert's are I always try to be conservative.

I think it went will - less 'shacky' then normal. Tried to do some 'establishing' shots.

After went to PFK for dinner. Messed around picking 'weeds' in Petit-P's backward and then went in the house to play for an hour or two.

Left ~@10:00pm.

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