Sunday, June 6, 2004

Vistors...[A little rant, but positive].

Finally created ECY's CD. ECY came over in the afternnon after I had just returned. We meet up on the street. After messing around with the computer for a while I could see the CD wasn't working. During his visit Petit-P's mother phoned and 'dumped' him off. Really a big surprise. She phoned a few minutes before coming. Not that I mind but I thought they'd just pop by see the place, since we talked about it last week and then off they go. I don't mind anyone popping him. In fact I love it. As she was leaving she said I'll be back ~@5:00pm, it was ~@1:30->2:00pm.

He brought over the video of the wedding they went to the day before. He's surprisingly good at Window's Movie Maker.

He stumbled around my house as usual. Tripped over the cord for the computer, pulling it out of the power supply. As usual when I look back on these things I always think shouldn't the parent jump in and say something. It's obvious that it's not a good thing to happen. Oh well. Still enjoyed their visit.

After they left I started the DVD, "About Schmit". Ran too late for me so I plan to watch the rest tomorrow.

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