Sunday, November 7, 2004

A Week before

I was happy to be invited to Petit-P's place for diner. I had not gone over in any formal way for a while. We sat down for diner, as meat pie. Not my favourite. :-( , however the home made 'jam' was great, so maybe that makes up for that. I had luckly remembered to have a drink of water before going in as I always get thirsty when I'm there. Petit-P had got his hair cut the previous day and his Mom pointed it out. I had noticed it before. I'll have to hold off on my opinion. Since this was suppose to be a 'Bornday/Arrival Anniversal' I put together some things quick for Petit-P since they only told me a day or two before the event. I gave him a orange shirt and two custom football photos I had developed. One photo was good it was him with Conan in front of the team. However when Japan Camera printed it it needed to be cropped and unfortunately there was no good place to crop it. The other photo was of just him with a B/W background. The 'technique' is interested but a) there was some problems with the color areas 'leaking' over and I don't think anyone was a fan of the face he was making in the photo. $2/photo (5x7).

The night continued and Petit-P did the usual. Goofed around, took some photos, watch some, "Family Guy", played "Playstation". I'm afraid that since this day was created because his Mother didn't want to celebrate my anniversary on the proper day it wasn't as 'exciting' as it was suppose to be.

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