Monday, November 8, 2004

First part of Petit-P's Gift

Went and got the first part of Petit-P's gift. Details to follow in 2+ weeks. Picked up the two XX and also visited his x'xxxxx to pickup 2 xxxxx.

Unfortunately as I was doing all of this Petit-P phoned and asked about the last custom photo I had done of him. Since I had concerns about if I was going to his bornday party I asked him and he said no. It's going to be very difficult to give him my gift if I'm not there. It's a 'group' gift really.

Later that night on Messenger he finally allowed me to come after I suggest a scenerio that would work. Never the less it made me feel ackward. Oh well, moving on.

I'm thinking of creating some party packages. Only a thought.

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