Thursday, September 2, 2004

Lots of little things,

Since I'm planning on moving phone providers and decided to return my recently bought lan telephone from Zellers for a similiarly priced one at Costco. The Costco ones caught a display for Caller-ID.

Finally filled out the form for QSAP.

Went to ECY's school today ~@11:45am to ask him about using his Mom's fax and find out when he'd be home tonight.

Went looking for rollerblades. Don't really understand the correct size. According to the internet you go up a size, but the salesman says go down a size.

Went to watch 30 min. of Petit-P practicing football. Since I forgot his jersey number [I don't know that I ever really knew it] it was hard to spot him. Took a few photos. Meet up with him after and Dominique and some other person. Drove Petit-P home and stayed to chat for ~20min.

Rented some DVDs, "Kill Bill 2", "Scorpion King" and "Emporer's Club". Watch Emporer's Club. OK.

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