Saturday, September 4, 2004

In Search of...

Well today was another day spent searching for RollerBlades. I'm totally confused about what size to buy. Some say +0.5 your shoe size others say -0.5 your size. Totally lost. I tried a 9.0 and they seem to big but the store doesn't have a 8.5 to try. I've also noticed that I might be able to buy cheaper elsewhere.

Seems I made a bit of a mistake about a 5:00pm meeting. I should have met up with Petit-P's Mom at this time but I don't recall making a definite appointment. Turns out she was expecting me to buy the, 'blades' and go today with her then after go to a new Pizza place. God, I feel a little bad. Hopefully allowing her to watch a movie of mine will make it up. I doubt it, but maybe.

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