Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Kill Bill 'causes problems,

It was a wonderful visit to Petit-P's place. I wanted to visit as usual for, '5 minute' and ask his mom about where to go to register a business locally. The visit lasted for 2 hours, starting ~@7:00pm. When I arrived Petit-P was [I guess] just out of the shower. He must have immediately went into the shower after football practice because practive ends ~@6:00pm and by the time he gets home. Wow. He was finishing diner and didn't appear to have any homework. We had a nice 'comedic' conversation about my first class of French II. I learned a lot, but unfortunately the class is just too late. Right now it might be OK but I know I'm going to get really busy and it's just not going to work. The prof. also said it's offered again in Jan. [but not with him].

As usually we went a goofed around a little and I kept trying to leave and at some point during the evening I gave him the DVD, "Kill Bill Vol. 2", after all he did ask for it. Well his Mother didn't like it. I guess she's heard it's violent. Oddly he's already seen the movie so I do know what the problem is. So this create a little problem, but no more then usual. Left, felt a little bad.

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