Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Matchup at School and Computer Ethics: OSF

Well I took another chance and searched for Petit-P after school/pratice. I just happened to be in the area 'cause I had to return some DVD's and wanted to get a hair-cut. Well it worked our rather well. I picked Petit-P and Dominique (aka: Conan) and another fellow. Gave them a ride home. They all live pretty close to school. Interesting the other fellow was looking for Conan but didn't seem to really know him and Conan couldn't tell me right away if Petit-P was at practice today. He's apparently from the US. I thought that was kinda cool. Interesting bunch.

Well I got home and spent some time looking for info on Open Source vs. Proprietary Software (PS) on the 'net. I have to argue tomorrow pro-PS.

Had a late shower.

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