Saturday, October 30, 2004

Football @BCS

I was very undecided about going to see Petit-P play football today. I had lots of work to do today and the season was official over, this was just some 'extra' game they were going to play. Besides I didn't really want to get up and out for 10:00am on a Saturday. Well I thought if I do go I'll go for ~11:00am. Turns out that I guess they played quick today 'cause the game ended ~11:30am, I managed to get some photos during the game, but I don't think I ever saw Petit-P play. However all was not lost for some reason someone organized it so that a few of us could take full team photos after the game. It was great. Something I always wanted. Perfect!

Afterwards I walked around the campus. The game was played at BCS a private school for English student. I think it's ~$20-30K/year to attend. The school is incredible. Took some photos of this as well.

Watched another episode of the DVD, "6 Feet Under", as well as the DVD, "Van Helsing". It was OK.

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