Thursday, February 5, 2004

Went to school and half hour early.

My under warranty Honda appointment is today and I was off early today from school (~@2:30pm) so I went to Honda to see if they could start a bit early on the car. Turns out my appointment was for 4:30pm so I went to the Grande mall to waste some time. Ended up buying a new Billy Bong shirt. ~@3:50pm left the mall and went to get ECY at school. After departing the mall the car brakes stopped working and I hit another women's car at a red light. Luckly I was not going fast. We both got out of the car and everything looks fine, but I have to look at it a bit more, after Honda finished with the other repairs. Honda gave ECY and I a taxi ride back to my place where I made a checkin diner. ECY split ~@6:30pm taking the bus. Phoned Honda ~@8:00pm to check the status. They said they had to keep the car over night, so they sent a taxi and I went to get a 'loaner'. Went to get pickup ECY at the mall @~8:40pm. Took him and APJ back to APJ's place 'cause he was staying over.

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