Saturday, December 10, 2005

Exam: CSC211

Today was the CSC211 - Digital Design final exam. I had gone in early (10:00am) to get some last minute studying done. Since it is Sat. that means the normal computer club room was closed as well as the door to even access the hallway. Not good. So I went to the library and studied there for a while. I was desperate to meet someone from my class to go over a couple of things. After 2 hours I decided to see if the Prof. had arrived and/or maybe another student. I could see the light from the computer club room was on so that meant someone was there. They must have got in by another door since the normal door into the basement was still locked. I went back upstairs and to the other side of the hall. That door was unlocked. Ya! I met a couple of people from my class (Tom, Ed, Abdul) we went over some things and I eat my meat pie before the 2:00pm exam. It was a 3 hour exam and not feeling to good (eg: going in/out of sickness) all week I was prepared by bring some medicine and food since I was planning on being on the campus all day. As far as food and health went I was OK, as far as the exams results I guess we find out late Dec.

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