Friday, December 23, 2005

Another Poker night

It was another attempted repeat of yesterday's Poker night. I had thought from yesterday that Mr. W would feel a bit awkward given who the other people were there and it kinda came up in conversation as to why he was there. But that quickly passed. He returned the next evening. It was rather weird he basically had to leave before they arrived. And so it happened like that - he left 10 or 20 min. before the others arrived. There was about 9+ people. We played Poker and N64 again. People started to get hungry. Since I over fed yesterday and they wanted to go out get some food and return I waited briefly for their decision. They decided since it was so late to just leave. It was around 1:00am and since we had done the 3:00am thing last night that was OK with me. I enjoyed both nights. Really great people. The HS-gang are welcome anytime.

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