Saturday, November 19, 2005

Metal Website & Petit-P's Fete #1

Spent most of the day building 11 mockups for the new 'metal' website. I asked a couple of people what they thought and everyone is choosing either the last one, physchologically thinking they get better or one that no one else chose. This whole process is beggy for a more automated way of presenting mockup with voting and randomization, etc., but that's another story.

Later in the evening ~@8:00pm I met Mr. W. and gave him a lift to Petit-P's Fete #1. People gvaaffe themselves. And the weather was warm so we went for a walk. Alex and Max phoned later and wanted to join in and crash - no problem. Everything was OK until someone [don't know his name] collapsed in the washroom. Wasn't really clear what happened but we needed to call an ambulance. He was able to walk out so he clearly wasn't that 'hurt'.

After Alex and Max crashed at my place. It was good cause I could gvaaffe myself a little later. They watched the DVD, "The Marksman" and then after the DVD, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

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