Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Booking a Theatre

After spending some time with a local 'metal' band on the weekend (more details to come) I thought I'd look into how much the local university charges for renting the Theatre. Personally I was hoping for zero. Maybe some sort of profit sharing. After all we are all part of the same [university] community. So begin with the usuall find out who's in charge. Go thru several people before you get to the right one. So turns out it's xxxx. Her office is in the basement of the theatre building. Basically the cost is $500 + [extra costs] at least another $200 for setup and another $10/hr for the people. If it's part of a univ. club you get a $100 rebate. Not only is it over priced and these 'extra' cost are just 'made up', but it's booked until Apr of next year. Now if it's not a reasonable price then why is it booked for the next 6 months? I guess it's a matter of perspective and location. Since it's one of the only theatres in the area and it's open to community bookings there's not must choice :-(

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