Saturday, October 1, 2005

Mr. W Fete

Today was the bornday party of Mr. W. [tomorrow is the real day] I put together a custom label for some Johnny Bootlegger, made a custom DVD, gathered some mini chocolate bars and some paper (+f) and 2-pizzas and gave that to him. There was some familiar people. Hadn't seen Julien in a while. I was ifie about going over there I only wanted to drop by for 15 min. show him the stuff and leave avec P. But things got a little extended. I walked around the street so everyone would be comfortable. But I heard later they weren't. No problem in the end I wasn't there that long. I hope everything was OK with him. It was an important Fete and I didn't want to ruin it.

Took P to his friend Nick's place. Nothing seemed to be going on there. It was apparently his bornday as well but the real date was 3 weeks before. It turns out that it was really boring but I certainly didn't hang around. Dropped-off and departed within 5 min.

Back to my place to watch the DVD, "The Longest Yard". Not a bad movie, good for a Sat. night. It was just reaching the climax when P and Alex phoned. Pretty late ~12:30pm. I picked them up with Max [of course] and let them crash at my place. It's the first time that P crash. We watched the DVD again and then watched, "Robots". Everyone fell asleep watching this.

People left in the morning to catch the 10:25am bus.

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