Saturday, October 1, 2005

A long week

A long week is finally over. I was sick since last Friday and had assignments to hand in today. After failing to get some personal things done I'm certainly happy with the effort and results [I hope] that I did for school.

Mr. W. wanted to gvaa himself tonight and I was more then happy to since it's been a while. Wow, it was great a different taste and experience. Probably the best ever. Also found out that's he's left handed. Cool. But better not tell him that we are the same, this doesn't go over well :-( Oddly it was very difficult to sleep last night. Maybe it was just one of those nights. Mr. W. left at ~9:00pm. He wanted to go to the Subway but I had just eaten and wasn't up to it. I just thought I'm not hungry why do I want to watch him eat. And I was very tired and I returned home and had a night of the DVD, "Robots". Interesting DVD.

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