Thursday, April 29, 2004

Went to the grocery store today to pickup furniture cleaner for the new desk. It's almost built. The drawer is the difficult part.

Woke up late ~@10:00am. Cleaned the desk.

Spent 2-3-4 hours working on a Flash project.

Talk to Tom Deiulis(sp) today. Been a while. Just wanted to know something about splitting up a photo for HTML.

Went over to ECY place and we went to Sam's place to get his new, 'Fusion' sound system for his car.

Came back to my place and he helped me finish the drawer on the desk.

Took some photos of his new system.

Alex told me about Mark 'Web' Wicken's blog. Wow he's an amazing photographer. Sounds like he's gone back to school as well.

Taxes tomorrow.

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