Saturday, February 14, 2004

Started to put up the final set of blinds but then decided it was better to go to Simons to exchange the cloths I bought at XMas. Left ~@3:15pm. The person was great after looking at the replacement available I decided to keep what I had. They fixed the little problem with it and gave me a much better caring bag for the cloths. Great! Went to FutureShop after and Illusions. Saw a decent pair of DCShoes for $109.00.

Returned home to start diner and finish the blinds.

Afterwards watched the DVD, "Seabiscuit". Nicely 'family' movie. Movie ended later 11:45pm. Before I went to bed burned a backup of my family photos.

Alex Skyped me late when I noticed he as still online. Had some odd news about his family.

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