Friday, February 27, 2004

Had to drop off PetiteP's glasses at his Mother place today before 11:00am. Decided that the best time was before 9:00am. Phoned ahead but no reponse, decided to go anyway. Was lucky just caught her openning up ~@9:00am. Left after a quick short conversation and head to school for 9:30am.

Was going to do a, 'drop' of the assignment today, but I felt that if a dropped a version of the assignment it just wasn't ready. Plus I needed to convert it to 'Borlands' Java and didn't want to take the time to do this before I was finished.

I had a lot to finish at school today. Got back the Data Structures assignment. Gave it back to the Prof in the same class to re-evaluate. Did the Lab I missed earlier in the week. Was happy to get this out of the way, as I was planning on doing this at school Sat. night @9:00pm, which is not a good plan.

Well got it out of the way, but then the Database course's lab today was new and therefore I would not have the time to finish the 'client' application. As it turns out the lab was short 'transaction' and I was able to finish the other lab after then start the Java Client for the database. Had some problems connecting to the database and it turned out to be an incorrect CLASSPATH to the Postgress driver. Thank God the Prof helped me find this cause I would have never found it.

PetiteP phoned me at 6:20pm while I was still working on the assignment to go buy glasses at the Grande Mall. I arranged for 7:20pm.

I arrived ~@7:23pm. Not too bad. We went to the mall with his Mother. He bought a PS2 game (Grand Theft Auto] while we were there.

Returned home ~@10:20pm so work on the assignment.

Stay up to 12:00pm working on the assignment.

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