Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Started the day trapped behind a client's car had to wait an hour+, so I decided to use the time to take photos of the family album. Finally managed to leave at ~11:45am. Went to: Reno Depot: bought a new drill, drill set, screw driver set and some tork tools, CAA: For price of Lic. and CAA Membership, Dollarama: all kinds of Kitchen stuff, Super C: ZipLoc for the Freeezer. After went to my place to put up bedroom blinds [the new drill works amazingly (~$329)], tested DishWasher with new bracket and moved food into freezer with Ziplocs. Insurance place phoned, that's started!

Came back for ~5:45pm because Mother had a Doctors appointment needed car. Real appointment @7:00pm had a little sandwichs for diner.

Did arrangements for tomorrows trip to Montreal. Have to meet Pierre at some subway to look at, 'new' four-door SunFire car. This is going to be an adventure...

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