Sunday, December 28, 2003

Left for the Ps place today ~@3:20pm, but went to ECY's place before around 12:00 noon. His friend was there and they were still in bed :-(. Said I would be back for 2:00pm but didn't get there until 3:00pm and his friend need a lift to work for 4:00pm. Just keep falling behind schedule.

The trip was to Monik's place and we got there no problem. The plan was to sleep there for the night and do the, 'mountains' tomorrrow. We would meet the P's who were coming back from T.O.

ECY and I stop just outside of Monik's place to check the show times for Lord of the Rings III (LOTR III). Going to see it for 8:30pm, after we eat.

LOTR III was pretty good. Lots of fighting. Story wrapped up reasonably well.

Got home ~@12:00 midnight. Went to bed had to get up for 7:00am to finish the trip.

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