Thursday, November 27, 2003

Well didn't get a lot done today. Got up late from my cousin's place had to walk 1 hour home got back to PetiteP's place @11:30am, after 30 min. or so had lunch with his Mother. Talk about how to install the new DishWasher. Spent some time in the afternoon transfering the tape of his BornDay to regular VHS tape. While it was recording phoned about new House Insurance. Little confusion there using the 'business' line. Had a shower and was running a little late to meet him for school, but was there on time. We got home he had a sandwich and started practicing his violin. 30 minutes a day. Well I hope he's ready for the Dec-13/03 concert. Went to Yann's restaurant @6:45pm. It was OK. Apparently I tried to eat something I've never had before and I eat it wrong, but Petit-P's mother stopped me. They said the 'shell' would kill me. I don't know about that but I stopped. We returned home and the usual 'quick' shower and off to bed. Tomorrow have to find a car.

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