Friday, November 28, 2003

The day started @9:30am when, 'Jimmie' from UHaul called and said he wanted the truck back @12:00pm on Monday, since I'm renting it for 24 hours I don't get this, but my guess is he's 'double-booked' it for Monday, since he said he wants it for another customer Noon.

Ordered a LANd [telephone] line from Bell, apparently you need it for HiSpeed internet. ~$22 for the line and ~$34 for HiSpeed [if you signup for 1 year). I don't want the LANd line but I have to get it :-(

Filled-up the car and did a $3.99 car-wash. Problems understanding the car-wash, some 'automatic' thing, but after some embarresment and help from the attendee it worked.

Picked up PetiteP from school [the last time], I was going to buy him some candy before I went but as usually running late and worst of all it was raining so his Mother wanted me to use the car :-(

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