Friday, January 6, 2006

Long Poker Night & a win for me!

The original plan was to have a Poker night tomorrow. It would be the last one before school starts and everyone has returned from their XMas vacation. However it being a Friday people could not wait so slowey each person asked to do something tonight. I accepted. The usual gang of people came and we had the best Poker night of all. What made it good. Well I was in the 'finals' with Mr. Punk-ass. He usually wins but tonight we had a long-long final match. In this game we doubled the initial bet after every two games, by the time the game ended we were at 245(?). So just getting an initial bad hand would cost you big. We ended at @3:00am I was up and I basically decided to end it I went all in on 2-9's on the table and I had another one, so 3-9's. I won. It was a great match.

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