Saturday, June 25, 2005


Today was a holiday. That means everything is closed and there's a celebration in the park tonight. I decided to go to be social and ended up getting there around 10:40pm. Fortunately it was free after 11:00pm, so I wandered around until 11 and then went in. Did bump into Mr. T. God he knows every chic in the city. Incredible. Ended-up giving him a life home. He wanted to practice driving. We drove around for a while and then Mr. W phoned @12:44am. Since it is the last time I will see him for the summer I decided to give him a lift as well. Dropped Mr. T and off to the corner store near the Canadian Tire. Picked him and his friend Julien. Apparently we've met before. Can't say I remember. They wanted to go to my place. No problem. We did the usual. Drove them home ~@3:20am.

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