Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Life Pursuits

I'm always thinking about how people choose to spend their lives. Recently I was talking to someone who mentioned they were at the 'pool' hall during the day. I was thinking well that's an interesting thing to be doing in the middle of day [in a sarcastic sense]. Then as I thought more about this is it really any better to be sitting at a computer 'hacking' a way? Certainly the later is more intellectual but it's so much more unsocial. So then I began to think can hacking be more social? Could you hack with a friend? Or is the act of hacking pursuing something that is so fundamentally unique to oneself at a particular time that the chances of someone else wanting to pursue the same subject and the same time is almost zero? What any interesting situation it would be if you could 'match-up'. Can we call this, "scrum-hacking"!? More to come...

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