Friday, September 3, 2004

Recent wonderings...

I've been wondering recently what makes a person interesting [to me]. After having moved out here I meet an interesting person, Petit-P. He's fascinating to be around and on a few occasions when we can goof around he's really fun to play with. Let me make it clear neither of us are GAP or anything he's just a great person to talk to. Yes, he's got problems and yes there's things I'd like to change about him. For instance he periodically says the cruelest things, he's not the most compasionate person, he's not the coolest person nor the most fashionable. Also he really doesn't, "play" a lot. But recently in thinking about changing people I've come to realize that maybe it's the things that one doesn't like about them that make them interesting. I call it the, "fashion-model" syndrome. Have you ever seen a fashion model? For the most part they are unbelievable looking. Extraordinary in fact. But there are times when [I guess] they are asked to wear the ugliest clothing you've ever seen. So you take these 'Goddess' like people and dress them in the weirdest clothing. It's just a shame and it's a tiny thing you just want to change and you think if you'd just change that you'd be perfect. This is how I see Petit-P. There's a couple of things that if he'd just change he'd be perfect. But as I said maybe it's these things that make him truly interesting.

I'd say he's got an easy life. His parents are well off and he's into a lot of 'rich' activities and this will allow him do well in the social aspects of life. Speaking of his parents. His Mother is interesting. She's very restrictive in what he can do. She kind'a plans out his day with little bits of entertainment here and there. I'm fascinated by it really. I think of it as a, "kidnapper's" syndrome. I'm not sure he likes it, but when he's not being controlled he wants/needs to be. His Father on the other hand seems to be the opposite [ed note: they are divorced]. I don't really know his Father too well but he seems a lot more relaxed. A week over there seems to start with some exciting weekend entertainment and then continues into the week with relaxed but still reasonable expectations of school work, etc.

I hope he can balance the many aspects of life.

I've recently been practicing a lot with digital retouching and not only have my skills improved but I really hope that we are creating some memories for him. I hope everyone involved gets something out of it because I know I am.

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