Thursday, April 15, 2004

Suppose to spend the day studying. Part of it is to also get the CSC121 assignment done, since I had some questions and professors was available I decided to go in and talk him. It certainly helped, but probably took too much time. We talked about how 50% for exams was unreasonable. Since I can't win the case I've now excepted it and on we go!

Discovered a huge problem with using VS.NET for my last assignment, so that's out.

ECY had phoned asking to borrow the camera. No problem.

Finally finished the assignment @~9:30pm, at which point I had diner.

I decided that I'd go to the Grande-M and on the way drop off the camera to ECY.

Go home ~@11:30pm, waited a-while 'cause ECY said he would begin working on his school photography project and might have questions. Went to bed ~@12:15pm.

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