Sunday, March 14, 2004

Decided it was about time to go to Church today. Unfortunately for the first time I woke up late ~@9:00am. Since Church starts @9:15am there was no way I was going to make it for the start I was just hoping to make it before it ended. I got there ~@10:16am just when it was finishing, just in time to catch PetiteP's Mother at the top of the steps. Pretty close. The sister said she missed seeing me in the past couple of weeks I'd I said the same thing. We proceded into the cafe and I had my usual Sunday morning tea. PetiteP showed up after a little while and we got chatted on every little subject you could talk about from Linux to Vice City to English humour, etc. Nice to see him again.

PetiteP wanted the computer back thinking I had already installed Linux or that I could finish it at his place, so we went back to my place and picked up his machine. I touch everything in the place. Very 'feegidy'. We returned to his place for breakfast a nice healthy meal. Always a pleasure. We eventually checked out the computer to see if there was enough room to install both Windows and Linux but no luck. And I wanted to get some files off the machine if we were going to 'wipe' it. I said I would take the machine back and give him a 'temporary' Macintosh monitor so he would have something to use for the week. So we headed back to my place again. When we got back to his place, while he was taking the car out of the car he broke the monitor stand. Disappointing. We got it setup and moved his 'old' monitor. His mother didn't want to pay anything to fix it and I'm not sure if they understood that the monitor I was giving them was just a temporary thing.

PetiteP's mother want to take him to the movie ~@3:00pm but I think he told her that he didn't want to go. Surely she was disappointed. I eventually left ~@4:00pm. On the way home I decided that I'd pop into ECY's place since I didn't have anything at home to do. Thank god he was there. And we had a really good time. Just generally good conversation. He took the car and drove to the other end of the town and he drove back. On the way his mother phoned and invited me for diner. Great. Went over and it was very nice.

Got home ~@10:20pm and had to wait until 12:00pm to see if my School was on strike for tomorrow.

~@1:20am the school update the web-site and indeed they are on strike.

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