Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fight the wave of technology

"Indeed it can be disappointing to see each new generation needing to rediscover and reinvent each time the environment turns over. And we can all readily cite examples of where the new never quite recreates the old. Some great things are indeed lost

However, net-net I've grown to love the overall cleansing effects of these discontinuities.

As systems and apps age - gaining more features, more interfaces, more functions - they unavoidably accrete deep and broad complexity as a side effect of accreting value. Architectural complexity, development complexity, management complexity, usage complexity.

They can even accrete conceptual complexity. For example, the trivially simple and elegant "replicated document database & document routing" concept underlying our early Notes product evolved (by customer necessity) into such a conceptually burdensome form that huge services practices were ultimately built around it." - Ray Ozzie ... <read more>

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