Friday, February 3, 2006

Petit-P's Concert

Tonights was Petit-P's school concert. It took some organizing to get my usual Friday routine completed and get to the concert. The first problem being how to have something to eat before the concert. The only real way to do it was to eat at Petit-P's place. Oddly his Mother didn't seem to want to prepare anything for him. Maybe it was because she was going out as well or maybe she was working late I don't know but I'm sure something could have been done. Anyway a can of soap was the chosen option. The concert was scheduled to start according to Petit-P @7:30pm but since he's playing he wanted to get there early to practice, so we arrived ~@6:20pm. After a little problem entering the school (eg: no doors were open), we got setup. People seemed cool and luckily I had brought a magazine and some water to keep me going. The concert eventually started just before 8:00pm. The first singer was Olivier Chankane. And he was by far the best. I'd label him the upcoming John Mayer. He not only did a solo but sang the only non metal song of the night. With Petit-P's digital movie camera I tried to film all the concert but as with most(?) digital technology if the lighting is dark then its really hard. I'm not sure why they [the students] wanted it so dark but moving on. Olivier sang again accompanied by a fellow guitarist. Another good song. It was during this the Mr.W arrived. He was there for 15 or so min. before coming over and saying hi. I was busy filming. We chatted for a bit but there always seems to be a bit of ackwardness with him with other people. No problem. There were some other people I remembered meeting before and I got to see Petit-P's band. The evening continued. I say Punk-Ass play the drums he was amazing and Daniel Jr. sing - amazing as well. The event came to a close and I drove Petit-P, Mr. W. and Kev(?) to the tea place. Oddly on the way I had accidently went thru a red light. Good thing no one was going thru. and it was a 3 way intersection. After dropping them off I went home. It was ~@9:30pm. I was happy to get home at a reasonable time. I finished watching the DVD, "Lord of War".

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