Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mr. Mexicans' Fete!

It was Mr. Mexican's Bornday today. He wanted to have his party at my place. No problem. Other then having about 15 people that I didn't know, things went OK. It was short but that was perfect - everything ended before twelve. I waited for Mr. W. for 40 mins. but no luck. I assumed he had forgotten or decided to not come. Then @12:28am Mr. T phoned. He was with: Alex, Max and Frank. They wanted to come over. Since it was unclear if Mr. W. was coming [I had assumed not at this point] and I still wanted some entertainment I welcomed their call. I picked them up at the corner store. We came back, they ordered pizza. I don't know why everyone always orders pizza I'd gladly sell/give mine. Well they watched the DVD, "Sin City" and then crashed. Mr. W. had finally called @1:40am. I had to say no - even though I felt bad. I don't think some of these guys get along with him. I'm glad I didn't wait after all waiting over an hour and a half and not knowing for sure if he was coming would not have been fun. I guess next time I will wait'ish.

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