Friday, March 18, 2005

IT People

I believe that technology should be dead simply. Unfortunately the industry has a way of promoting complexity. It's always the cool thing to know every command-line switch for this or that. But I always think of my Parents and would they know to do this and/or how to do it? No. And the more importantly should they have to know. Computers must become an appliance.
I was recently talking to an "IT" person and he disagreed with this statement. He was very adament that if you don't want to learn everything about a computer then you shouldn't buy one. I totally disagree. Though you are always better off learning about the things you use: A) There's only so much time and B) Somethings you just don't want to know. Do I need to know everything about my TV to use it? No. Just turn it on. That's how simple a computer should be. Though it's a multipurpose device maybe one can configure it in such a way that it only does the specified tasks. "Lock" it down to only perform tasks x,y,z. Having explorered this recently this doesn't seem to be that easy with Windows either. More details to come.

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