Saturday, January 15, 2005

Disappointed Once Again

Well today I spent putting together the custom frame for France. It took a good six+ hours but I knew it would. The montage photo of Petit-P turned out pretty well and required about 1000 photos, and could have used more.

After finishing the frame [staples] at the Grande-Mall, rushing in before 5:00pm I returned home with my Chinese food and ready to watch a DVD. ~@5:51pm Petit-P phoned and confirmed that the diner was still on. I asked what was for super and was shocked to hear that they were serving meat-pie. God I HATE meat-pie. I'm sure I've mentioned this before but they continue to serve this. Though her's is not as bad as everyone elses, still enough already! Then to top things off she gave me some sort of body cream. Given that she sells this stuff for a living I wasn't impressed last year when she did a similiar thing but to do it again. Come'on! How about cracking out $5, $10, or $20 and buying me something at the store or making something or doing anything that shows some effort. My GOD! Then to top it off this gift is supposedly from Petit-P and it's the second gift, the small jam, that I had tried two months before that France gave me. Come on. This is not a gift but something that you would give a person upon a visit not a gift for XMas. I don't want to seem ungratefull but let's make some effort here. I bought Petit-P a video card when I first arrived in this city [then dozens of cloths for his first bornday] and his mother a music CD [returned it 4+ times, after she complained about] and a gift certificate for her favourite store. Then for Petit-P's bornday a DVD, and this year a PS2 wireless controller. Then for Mother this year a custom frame and Petit-P the latest No #1 game for PC, "Half Life 2". This currently sells for $59->$69. You know all I wanted was something inexpenseive like the Depeche Mode CD or the "Family Guy" DVD or season 3 of the same. Come ON! SOME THOUGHT GEEEZ! Disappointed Once Again. :-(

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