Tuesday, March 2, 2004

My first day of March break in T.O. I decided to visit downtown first. The theory being hit those places farthest away first. So I went to my favourite cheap bookstore. They didn't have much. I found one book I liked, "ASP.NET v2.0 in a NutShell" but there was a tear in the sleeve and pulling on it seemed to easily fall apart so I decided not to buy it.

After the bookstore I went to all the downtown places I could think of. I was also looking for a battery for my camera. Found one Young Street for ~$69.

After getting home ~@4:00pm, I decided to go to, "Square One". Went to a, "sports" place. I found a BillaBong sweat shirt for ~$76.00 but it was on sales for $56.00, also it was price wrong ~$26.00! The manager signed off on it. I was happy. I've spent $1000+ on t-shirts, etc. at this place. Love the cloths and the price.

When I left the store my car was, "talking" (ie. the horn was going off by itself). I managed to pull the plug from the horn but I'm worried that I'll need it fixed before I return home.

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